Foxtail Marketing: Growth Case

I met Michael Templeman, the CEO of Foxtail Marketing in the late-summer of 2014.
At the time, he and a grungy looking long-haired hippy, named Nathan Tanner, told me about their plans with Foxtail Marketing. I was so enthralled and inspired by their brilliant marketing minds, and the potential growth opportunities I envisioned for Foxtail that I jumped on board as their third employee shortly thereafter. 


From $200,000 a year to $6 million in revenue in less than 3 years.

From the day I started at Foxtail, I worked to develop systems and processes to handle internal processes and systems to streamline efficacy. Everything from communication, resource management, HR, task flow, marketing and sales operations, client onboarding and offboarding, QA, and so much more. Through these systems and our high quality marketing services we were able to grow 5000% year over year, and become one of the top digital marketing agencies in the world in less than 3 years.

Foxtail Success & Client Happiness

Through my time working at Foxtail Marketing, I continously strived to ensure the clients working with Foxtail not only received an ROI for their marketing services with us, but that that they were ecstatic with their results as well. Through the systems and processes implemented, to employee trainings, and more - Foxtail now touts clients from all over the world that are thrilled with utilizing Foxtail Marketing for their full-funnel digital marketing needs. Click the image to the right to review Foxtail's reviews.


Efficiency & Marketing Operations Streamlined

As Foxtail grew, the importance of streamlining our digital marketing operations grew in importance as well. Through the implementation of Teamwork Projects as our PMS we were able to increase profit margin per client by 15% across the board.

This implementation as well as a few others, also allowed us to see increased LTV of our customers by 66% as well. As with everything I did at Foxtail, improving our services, client happiness, and employee happiness was in every step I took.

Foxtail's Awards Include:

Listen to Michael Templeman at Foxtail Marketing's Award for Emerging Eight Utah Businesses Under 5 Years Old:

Growing Foxtail Marketing and working with the team of brilliant people has been one of the most rewarding opportunities I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of. If you're ready to growth-hack your business, I'm ready to hear about your company. Looking forward to connecting.