5 Toys That Obliterate Gender Stereotypes

“Barbies are for girls, and cars are for boys” was the mantra that defined the baby-boomer era toy selection.

In the past 5 years, that stereotype has been derailed.

toys that remove gender stereotypes

Toy-makers, like society, are realizing that toys are not a “one size fits all” object. And through that, we have seen some amazing innovations that challenge stereotypes, and allow for kids to not only play, but learn in the process.

Case and point:

1. GoldieBlox

The CEO of GoldieBlox graduated with a degree in engineering, and became obsessed with the notion of “disrupting the pink aisle” with a toy that would introduce girls to the joy of engineering at a young age. Goldieblox now features multiple toy sets that do just that. If you have a daughter who loves to build and problem solve, GoldieBlox are a great option.

2. LittleBits

LittleBits is a toy set created to get young boys and young girls interested in electronics. They believe getting children excited about creating and inventing starts in their youth. With a plethora of options, and even toys for adults LittleBits is a great way to get kids to understand basic STEM principles.

3. Lego

Legos have come a long way since 20 years ago. The selection of legos is no longer pirate ships, and star wars. Lego has collections of everything from Frozen themed legos, to architecture sets, to female scientist and astronomer lego sets. Lego has leveled the playing field, and established that building is for everyone!

4. Roominate

Roominate toys were created to get young girls interested in STEM. Roominate Founders Alice and Bettina believe the gender gap starts young. They believe that girls’ toys lag behind in the development of spatial skills, hands-on problem solving skills, and confidence with technology. So they set off to be a part of the change.

5. Corolle

Corolle is a doll manufacturer for young children. Corolle found that young boys are often interested in playing with dolls too. So, Corolle created their babipouce line featuring baby boy dolls too. Now young girls and young boys can play with both girl and boy dolls, whichever they prefer.

With the advancement of gender-neutral toys, and toys built not just for play, but also for education, it’ll be exciting to see what is created in the next 5 years.

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