6 Inspiring Utah Companies Driving Change In Their Communities

Utah County may be known as Silicon Slopes, but tech companies aren’t the only ones driving change for Utah. These 6 companies are improving the community, inventing new solutions, and driving growth for employment in Utah.
6 inspiring utah companies

Not to mention, the fact that they are just really cool companies.

1. Pedal Provo – A New Way of Ghost Touring



Pedal Provo is offering a new idea besides dinner and a movie. Pedal Provo offers ghost tours with an interesting twist – by bicycle. Pedal Provo has a mission to get people out, get people connected, and get people to experience the beauty of life. And it’s moving.

A message from the founder:

“I want to change the way people in Provo date. Too many dates are sedentary and unemotional. We connect through emotions and when a date is void of those precious feelings how can people be expected to feel closer to each other. By offering people a bicycle tour through Provo it lets people get moving and gets the blood pumping. Then they get to hear ghost stories and every human loves stories. And being a little frightened with someone starts a unique bond. When you go through something scary it give you the chance to reflect and puts things into perspective. Most of the stories I tell are about tragedy because that’s what lets us see that this life is short. And if you come with a date or a spouse it helps you cherish them more. On top of all of this it is in a city most people who come on the tour know very well and they are primed to have memories in the different locations. My dream is that people will come on my tours and see life differently, that they will want to enjoy it more now with the people they care about. I want people to think of this as less of a tour and more of an experience.”


2. Community Action Services – Fighting Local Poverty



Community Action Services mission is to foster self-reliance in individuals, families, and the community. Not only are they a food bank who provides to local Utahns in need. They offer financial classes, mentoring, community gardens, and so much more. While they have been in business for quite some time, they haven’t received nearly enough recognition for what they are doing. They are building, housing, feeding, and educating Utahns to assist them to get out of poverty. Of all their amazing causes, my favorite cause is their mission to feed kids in poverty.

Community Action Services puts together weekend supply kits for kids in poverty to make sure that they have enough food to eat over the weekend. These are distributed to schools, and each week a teacher puts these kits into the kids backpacks for the upcoming weekend. Local poverty is real. It affects people who have been fired, people coming from a divorce, people just getting out of college, and so much more. They are making a difference, and knocking out Utah poverty.

3. The Royal Blue Podcast – Reinventing Sports – Inside The Locker Room of BYU

The Royal Blue Podcast wants to change the look of sports. Brian Logan, former BYU player wants fans to be able to have inside access to the players. He wants to change the conversation around sports completely towards the fans. And his commitment to the fans is creating a movement.

The Royal Blue Podcast provides you with a weekly player’s perspective look at BYU Football. Former players will provide you with an in-depth analysis on current topics and events on all things BYU Football. All of the topics and conversations are inspired by the fans through surveys and questionnaires.


4. Date Hatcher – Changing the Way We Date



Date Hatcher, which hasn’t launched just yet, wants to change how we date. While many online dating platforms leave a lot of room for unread messages, and dates that never happen. Date Hatcher was designed to make your dating dreams a reality and help people find love.

A message from their founder: “In a world where we can connect with just about anyone at the touch of a button, person to person interaction has become sparse.
This is especially true in the dating world with all the apps that have arised, and with Date Hatcher, we’re conquering that by:
* Helping individuals to propose real activities that they want to engage in
* Turn them into a date by allowing others to see and commit to going with them
We do this in the hope to create a bridge over the pointless messaging and objectification to the greener grass of real human relationships.”


5. Rese Property Management – Investing in Real Estate Simplified

Rese Property Management is a property management company that is more than a property management company. They want to inspire the individual to enter into real-estate. They want anyone to know that investing is possible, and they are there to make the solution easy. Rese believes that everyone can be financially well off, and their goal is to prove it. Their goals, and their mission is truly inspiring.

6. Foxtail Marketing



Foxtail Marketing is a digital marketing agency that helps small and large businesses alike spread their messages. By spreading the purpose of these businesses through storytelling – Foxtail Marketing allow businesses to drive growth, build followers, innovate, and provide jobs.

But they don’t stop as just a digital marketing agency. Foxtail has taken it one step further – through their #FoxtailGives project, Foxtail helps to improve the local community. Each month, the Foxtail team takes time out of their days to volunteer. Some of the projects #FoxtailGives has been involved with include:

– Creating 200 bags of food for kids in poverty to make sure they have food over the weekend.
– Helping to setup and raise funding for the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention Utah
– A book drive to help local kids in poverty be able to have books to read and gain education.

Foxtail Marketing is a company that truly cares about the community, individuals, and their clientele.

These 6 companies alone aren’t the only ones driving change in Utah. As Utah evolves as the next Silicon Slopes we will see more and more companies that are bringing change and good to Utah and the rest of the world. Utah truly breeds entrepreneurs and it is inspiring.