How to Get Over Blatant Sexism in the Workplace

Getting Over Blatant Sexism: 101

It doesn't matter if you work in an industry that is relatively old school, progressive, or adamant about equality, in today's current society, sexism is real at every level.

So how do you get over sexism as a talented, qualified, hardworking woman?

This question has multiple facets, and clearly there is no easy answer to all scenarios, but it can be distilled down into a few variables.

#1 Should you actually just "get over it", is it possible you are being dramatic or over-analyzing?

#2 Should you combat the issue, and stand up for yourself?

#3 Should you go passive aggressive on sexism's ass, and just kick ass at your job?

While there is no one size fits all answer, sexism is extremely subjective, not only with the players involved, but the level as to which it forms. Choosing how to combat the issue can be not only complex, but can also have drastic effects on your career should you pursue the wrong scenario for your situation. So how should you cope?

The first step, is to analyze the depth of the sexism. Is your boss asking you to do stuff below your pay-grade, because he knows you'll get it done? Or, is he asking for sexual favors? What is the level of sexism in your particular scenario?

Once you have identified the scope, how do your emotions play into the scenario? If the same scenario was placed upon another woman in your company or industry, how would you feel about it, what would your advice to her be? 

After you've evaluated both the scope and honest emotional correlation, you can easier develop a game-plan. 

Should you decide you're being dramatic:

So, someone said something out of line, but you took it out of context... That's okay. Take it for what it is, and move on. Nobody's perfect. If it happens more than once though, it's time to re-evaluate.

Should you decide to stand up for yourself:

There is nothing better than honesty. Being able to communicate your feelings, and opinions in a non-combative manner is extremely effective. Standing up for yourself when it's necessary shows a level of self-respect, leadership, and honesty. However, when you decide to go this route, ensure that you don't come off as combative, and be open to feedback. Without a well articulated message, you may set yourself two steps back instead of one step forward. All that being said, standing up for yourself is 95% of the time, the best scenario to go with.

Should you decide to ignore the issue:

Ignoring the issue once or twice is okay, however, if you continuously ignore the issue, you are setting yourself up for not only unhappiness, but feeling unsatisfied and fulfilled. 

Sexism can be extremely tricky in the workplace, and every scenario is different. If you have a specific scenario, feel free to comment down below, and I will be happy to weigh in on my opinion.

In today's world, women can do anything! A lot of times, we do it better than men. It's simply a matter of communication, and politics. Comment below to give your thoughts on this concept... Let's weigh in.